10 heads perfume vacuum filling machine

10 heads perfume vacuum filling machine,negative pressure suction filling, liquid level control, easy to move. Suitable for glass bottles or hard plastic bottles, can be filled: toilet water, perfume, toner and other water liquids.




10 heads perfume vacuum filling machine perfume refill machine

AILE 10 heads perfume filling machine


A.  Capability & Characteristic:

1.Negative pressure suction fluid filling,product filling quantity to liquid level height is the metering method.

2.Equipped with casters,convenient to move.

3.And material contact stainless steel 316L,mesa with 304 stainless steel material

4.Suitable for glass bottle, or vacuum bottle after is out of shape not easily plastic bottles. Perfume filling machine

5.Adjustment,operation and convenient maintenace

6.Pneumatic control


B.  Introduction:

Perfume Filling Machine is used for filling floral water, perfume and other water-based materials.

The automatic perfume filling and packaging machines is mainly designed for small bottles and suitable for filling liquid like e-liquid, eye drops, electronic cigarette and so on. Perfume filling machine

This machine adopts vacuum type filling and fixed liquid level type filling, thus avoiding the different levels caused by the thickness of each container bottom.

The machine is with 10 heads filling, and rotary type filling, which has speeded up and meanwhile saved a lot of spaces.

The vacuum perfume filling machine also is equipped with a recycle system, which saves a lot of time and labor tensity.

Suitable for glass bottle and the plastic bottle which will not easy out of shape after vacuum.


C.  Machine detail:













































D.  Applicable bottle

Perfume glass bottle, different shape, standard shaped, hard plastic bottle jar are avaiable.



E.  Recommend perfume production line :


This is to help assembly a automatic perfume filling crimping production line , we still have semi auto machine , welcome to contact Aile.



F.  Customer visiting and delivery


Thank you for customer coming our factory to see the machine quality and arrange payment. We are packing the machine next day, has been shipping to Mid – East country. hope we can cooperate soon.


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