Purchase equipment with us can provide formulas for free

We recommend you the customized aerosol machine (crimping, gas filling function) in one machine.

Yes, if spray paint products and cosmetics products share the same production line, we can provide a set of material tanks, which is convenient for customers to replace.

We can plan it according to the size of the workshop provided by the customer, and help customers design L-shaped U-shaped for free.

Except for spray paint product, it cannot be used water tank leakage detector, the rest products are recommended to be used equipped.

We suggest to determine the machine by packaging, such as standard aerosol and bov aerosol, we can combine general machines on one conveyor belt, and separate two operations for non-universal machines.

Yes, we have reliable supplier who manufacture aerosol can and package, mean we offer ONE STOP service in aerosol.

Yes, each diameter has its suitable mould in aerosol can, actuator and cap machine,, we need to change it when using different package accordingly. About 30 minutes to replace.

We have three production capacities. The rotary type speed is 2400 cans per hour, the standard type speed is 3,600 cans per hour, and high speed is 6000 cans per hour.

The motor of the conveyor belt within 9 meters and the can trimming table’s motor is 0.37kw, and the motor of the conveyor belt over ten meters and the packing table motor is 1.1kw; We use Beide Siemens motor, SMC pneumatic accessories, SMC cylinder.

Yes, it is 80-360mm

Yes, we provide customized solutions, about 45-50 working days.

It can set up your country time if needed.

Yes, the carbon dioxide itself is under pressure. If you fill with carbon dioxide as a propellant, we need to add a pressure relief valve to better fill the aerosol can.

Because some aerosol cans need to be sprayed to the bottom of the can, the conveyor belt is made into a hollow shape, and the printing gun is placed at the bottom of the conveyor belt to better spray to the bottom of the aerosol can

Straight line: each aerosol line total length is 20-24meter, width should be control by 4-5meter, (it depends on the machine you select), customer factory size would be
better to share so that we can customized and design .

about 4 people, one for putting aerosol can to push table and adding valve, one for adding actuator and cap, one for packing table. one for checking whole line working.

It helps propellant to remove the smell, because some propellant such as LPG, propane butane gas is adding odor when purchase, so we will know when we smell these flammable gases and take some protective measures to avoid danger. When produce cosmetics spray or body spray, we need to use smell remover to get rid of the smell in gas.

Our conveyor belt is made of stainless steel 304.

Both propellant and liquid, standard aerosol is 40% gas, 60% liquid; bov aerosol is 99% liquid (gas negligible)

yes, it can, and it also can be switched separately.

sorry, there is no cleaning system, but cleaning is convenient, the equipment adds repeated cleaning actions in the program.

yes, all liquid gases can be filled.

Yes, we offer a whole set of intelligence anti-explosion system in gas room, when reaching a certain gas concentration, the device will give an alarm, at the same time automatically cut off the gas source power, and automatically turn on the frequency conversion fan to quickly exhaust the gas in the gas room.

Our gas filling machine can be designed only with gas filling machine function, not sealing function, like Italy famous brand COSTER.

When the bottle enters the drying system, use sponges on both sides to remove the water droplets from the can body, and at the same time there is hot air from the top and bottom to blow air on the can.

no, it needn’t, it already including into drying device fee.

yes, we have designed the machine for our customer before, such as one conveyor belt enter water bath testing machine, another conveyor belt enter other machine in aerosol line, When the water bath testing machine is needed, let the aerosol can go through A conveyor belt, and if not, go through B belt.

It depends on the degree of use, such as sealing rings, crimping head etc.

It is double effect pump. It is applied compressor air as the power source. The pump uses the sealing parts imported from advanced countries. Therefore, it is especially suitable for transporting inflammable and explosive liquid and solvent.

aerosol line is mainly use pneumatic operation, electric is less.

no including, but the packing table can help to pack in box, we can provide other packing machine such as box packing machine, film packing machine etc.

100L, 200L, 300L, 500L, 1000L,can be customized.

Yes, if it is equipped with a freezer, the pneumatic stirring storage tank can be omitted, provided that the freezer must be equipped with a pneumatic stirring function.

Yes, rely on the liquid level to control the filling volume of perfume, and the filling is accurate.

We will according to customer needs to provide different equipment, there has equipment is free to adjust the diameter of the bottle from 3 to 7 cm, no need to change the mould.

Sure, we offer perfume production line from A to Z, mean perfume material making , filling, collaring, capping, box packing and film packing.

Yes, confirm your sprayer size before operate machine, collaring head need to replace.

Both, can be customized it, usually paper and pp cotton filter, paper filter is with a higher filter accuracy.

Assemble together

Plate and frame filter, pp cotton filter

Sure, contact us if you interested. We can share machine operation video and layout.

Of course, we have different types of perfume cleaners. Type A has the function of blowing air, type B is the function of flushing, and type C is the function of flushing and drying. There are automatic and semi-automatic.

Sure, we can customized the height of your request

Yes, it depends on customer production process, electric heating can use for 1T mixer tank, if need a fast heating, steam heating method is recommended.

Yes, we have one machine including heating, mixing, moveable function, we can add homogenizer to it.

Of course, we can change Siemens motor for mixing if needed.

Yes, water heating is about 90 degrees, steam heating is 160 degrees, heat conduction oil heating can be 220 degrees.

Detergent mixing tank we have standard 50L, 100L, 200L, 300L, 500L, 1000L, 2000L, 3000L, 5000L etc.

Vacuum emulsifying mixing tank we have 5L, 10L, 50L, 100L, 200L, 300L, 500L, 1000L, 2000L, 3000L, 5000L etc.

Both can be customized, we have pneumatic lifting and fixed type.

Depending on the product, detergent mixing tank is generally recommended for liquid products, emulsifying tank is recommended for cream products, and high-viscosity products.

Detergent mixing tank suits for producing liquid status and low viscosity material such as discharge makeup, essential liquid, moisturizing toner, detergent, liquid soap, deodorant etc.

Vacuum emulsifying mixing tank suits for producing medium-high viscosity material such as paste, cream, lotion, eye patch gel, hand sanitizer gel, hand cream, Vaseline, hair wax, shoe wax etc.

Homogenizer mixing speed is 0-3000rpm, mixing paddle speed is 0-63rpm,all can frequency conversion speed regulation.

Liquid status product recommend liquid filling machine (magnetic pump filling machine, self-flow filling machine, peristaltic pump filling machine), medium and low viscosity product recommend servo piston filling machine, with high filling accuracy.

It depends on the daily capacity you need. We have straight line machine which has low requirements for packaging bottle, rotary machine which can adjust the size for different bottle, both are feasible.

B6 piston filling capping machine, this machine is manual putting bottle, air blowing, filling, manual putting inner plug , plug pressing, manual putting cap, screw capping, automatic output. (we can according to customer package to customized automatic feeding plug, automatic feeding cap/ sprayer).

It can be customized, if the filling volume span is large, we recommended customers apply two sets of material cylinder and can be replaced by themselves.

The hopper is standard 20L capacity, yes, accept customized capacity, we have heating mixing hopper for filling machine, it is another machine for filling high viscosity products.

Yes, we can offer one set of formula, which is the raw material to produce eye patch.

Yes, we have reliable suppler of jar, we can provide u.

Yes, because essential liquid can moisturize the eye patch, so as to avoid affecting the user feeling. When it exposed to air, it will become dry and thin, adding essential liquid can maintain the original best condition of eye patch.

40 working days, if we have machine in stock, once upon finish testing, we are ready to ship. One year warranty period, lifetime maintenance.

The machine is packed in bulk, it will be packed in two pieces when packing, because it is used in combination.

We will provide an electronic version of the installation manual and video guidance, with pictures and texts, easy to understand. Of course, when customer need online installation, we will arrange engineer to give you a hand.

During the warranty period, as long as it is not artificially damaged, any machine accessories can be provided free of charge, DHL, FEDEX can be arranged for mailing.

If the outer diameter is no more than 85mm on jar is acceptable, and it can also be customized diameter.

Our standard form is a semi-circular arc shape, it can be customized into other shapes such as waves, also you can customized it, and provided its to us to confirm.

300L capacity of heating mixing storage tank is the most popular.

The excess material can be repeated twice in the heating mixing storage tank. If more than two times, it must be processed in the emulsifying tank with the raw material.

The cutting work station will stop , cutting work station does not stop, all stations do not affect each other.

There has sensor to detect the feeding material condition, when it need transfer the material, it will automatically feed, if not, it will stop. Also there has a apron to help control the width of eye patch layer.

The thickness of the eye mask is adjusted according to the speed of the conveyor belt, and the flow rate of the discharge pump.

As long as the equipment does not malfunction, there will be no irregular folding.

To clean the machine daily, you need to spray the belt with alcohol, and the pump needs to be connected to the storage tank with hot water, and you can repeatedly rinse it.

Yes, the material feeding pipe does not have heating function, but it can withstand the 60-70℃ of material, and there has a heating rod to help control the material temperature before cooling.

No need, because the mixing heating storage tank and heating rod on machine is helping constant the temperature of material.

According to the daily capacity of customer to calculate the capacity of the emulsifying mixer tank. Normally 300L is enough, on the market is 60-80g per box.

The two machines have different functions, and both of them need to be used when producing eye patches.

If the production capacity is small, it can be directly connected from the emulsification mixer tank to the eye patch machine (provided that the mixer tank and the equipment cannot be too far apart, otherwise the material transportation will be cooled and the material pipe will be blocked). If the production capacity is large, the emulsification tank and the electric heating stirring storage tank are required.


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