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As technology is progressing rapidly, we are witnessing advancement in every field including the automation industry. From the invention to now, various improvements and advancements have transformed the spray can filler machine. With the installation of advanced technologies, i.e., an accurate dose control system, and automatic filing system, we are now able to carry out our work more precisely and accurately.

Such advanced machines including fully automatic spray can filler machines not only facilitate the filling process but also guarantee stable product quality. Also, reducing waste and improving the entire productivity are some extra perks. Moreover, the aerosol-filling equipment industry is progressing rapidly because of ongoing advancement in the globe.

We, from Guangzhou Aile Automation Equipment Co., Ltd welcome you to our website. In this comprehensive blog post, we will cover our top-notch product which is none other than the automatic spray can filler machine. Without any further delay, let’s begin with our topic:

Spray Can Filler Machine:

A spray can filler machine is a simple and adaptable system designed to efficiently fill aerosol cans with various liquids such as paints, cosmetics, lubricants, and mor e. It provides quick solutions to any filling need.  At Guangzhou Aile Automation Equipment Ltd, we provide top-of-the-line spray can filler machines that are engineered to streamline the filling process, considering consistency, accuracy, and high productivity. Spray can filler machines fall into three categories:

1.Manual spray can filler machine
2.Semi-automatic spray can filler machine
3.Fully automatic spray can filler machine

A manual filling machine is a hydraulic-operating machine through a side level (these are old-designed and are greatly replaced by automatic and fully automatic filler machines). On the other hand, a semi-automatic spray can filler machine fills sprays through air compression. Similarly, a fully automatic spray can filler machine is a highly advanced machine that is responsible for carrying out every function automatically. All you have to do is give instructions and the rest will be taken care of by the machine.

Semi-automatic Spray Can Filler Machine:

Our conventional spray can filler machine works with semi-automatic functionality. As the name suggests semi-automatic, this type of machine may require manual intervention. For example, loading cans onto the conveyor, monitoring the filling process, capping the bottles, etc. Despite that, our spray can filler machines are equipped with advanced features such as precise filling mechanisms and user-friendly controls, ensuring efficient operation and minimal downtime.

Fully Automatic Spray Can Filler Machine:

On the other hand, a fully automatic spray can filler machine offers a higher degree of automation. These machines are designed to handle the entire filling process independently, from can loading to filling, crimpling, and sealing. There is no need for constant human supervision. Our fully automatic spray can filler machines are the perfect option for high-volume production environments where consistency, speed, and minimal labor intervention are paramount.

In short, the fundamental difference between a spray can filler machine and a fully automatic spray can filler machine lies in the level of control and automation they provide.

Important Parts of Filling Machine:

In a filling machine, whether it is automatic or semi-automatic, several components work together to carry out filling operations efficiently. However, the semi-automatic machine may lack some of the components. Read on to learn important components of a spray can filler machine


The hopper is a vital part that stores the raw materials. The raw material can be in powdered or granular form. Hopper is an important part of any filling machine because it ensures a steady supply of raw material for filling.

2.Bead filling machine:

As the name suggests, such machines are responsible for dispensing spheres or beads into the spray cans. Which are often used as mixing or agitator agents within the can. This is done to ensure proper dispersion of the product when used.

3.Valve insert machine:

The machine that is responsible for inserting the valve into the machine is called a valve-inserting machine. The valve-inserting machine aids in controlling the release of product from the spray can. Besides the release of the product, it is also helpful in maintaining pressure within the can.

4.Aerosol liquid filling machine:

In the assembly after the valve inserting machine is an aerosol liquid filling machine. The actual product that we want to dispense (aerosol) is filled in the can through this machine.

5.Crimping and gas filling machine:

Last but not least, after cans are filled with aerosol liquid, the cans are crimped along with injecting propellant gas (liquefied gas like butane or compressed air). The gas is introduced into the cans to create pressure that is helpful in dispensing the liquid.

6.Nozzle pressing machine:

After the aerosol and propellant gas are added, the assembly is closed, then a nozzle is placed on the top to direct the spray when the button is pressed.

7.Nozzle vibrating plant:

This part of the fully automatic spray can filler machine ensures that nozzles align perfectly on the can. Moreover, it also ensures that the nozzle is firmly attached to the valves.

8.Cap capping machine:

Finally, after passing through this machine, the product is ready. When everything above is done, this machine accurately places caps on the top of the bottle and seals them completely. This is an important step because it aids in maintaining the quality of the product.

In short, if any of the above components becomes faulty, the entire process will shut down. Together, these parts collaborate to ensure the filling and cramping of spray cans.

Advantages of fully automatic spray can filler machine over traditional filling machines:

A fully automatic spray can filler machine entertains its customers with numerous benefits. If you want to enhance efficiency and want accurate filling of aerosol, then you should contact us to get a quote for a spray can filler machine. This is an advanced machine that can entertain you with the following benefits:

1.Enhanced efficiency
2.Highly consistent and accurate filling
3.Reduce labor cost
4.Improve the quality of the product
5.Firm sealing
6.Highly versatile and flexible
7.Integrated controls and monitoring
8.Quick changeovers between production lines
9.Reduce downtime
10.Increased production

Applications of spray can filler machine:

Spray can filler machines whether they are automatic or semi-automatic are important machines that are used for the filling of numerous products. Some applications are listed hereunder:

1.These machines are the best option for efficient filling of personal care products including deodorants, hairsprays, sunscreens, etc.

2.Various pharmaceutical companies invest in highly automatic spray can filler machines for accurate filling of topical sprays, oral sprays, nasal sprays, etc.

3.They are used for filling household sprays including air fresheners, insect repellants, chalk sprays, and furniture polishes.

4.Last but not least, they are also used by industrial and maintenance equipment including mold release agents, adhesive sprays, lubricants, and rust inhibitors.

5.The supplies that are used in the field of arts and crafts are efficiently filled by such machines.

6.A spray can filler machine is used for the filling and sealing of numerous products. Any product in which aerosol is present is filled by such a machine. Such products include conformal sprays, tub and tile sprays, PU foam sprays, fabric waterproof sprays, etc.

Factors to Consider Before Investing in Spray Can Filler Machine:

Investing in a spray can filler machine is an important decision. Before investing in such advanced and costly machines, you should understand what are your requirements and what is your budget. In the following section, we have listed some factors that can help you in choosing the best spray can filler machine according to your needs.

1.Determine your production capacity. If you want 22 to 30 cans per minute then our fully automatic spray can filler machine is best for you. If your production capacity is flexible, invest in a semi-automatic spray can filler machine.

2.Product compatibility is another crucial factor. Before investing in costly machines, you should contact the company that the machine can handle viscous liquids, or large size particles.

3.Filling capacity should also be considered when buying a spray can filler machine. Our advanced machines have a filling capacity of 30-900 ml.

4.Automation level is your desire. You can choose a semi-automatic or fully automatic machine depending on your requirements.

5.Another crucial factor is budget. If you have a high budget, then you can entertain yourself with a fully automatic machine to ensure the best quality of product. Consider the ROI (ROI stands for Return on Investment) and profitability of a machine over its lifetime.

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