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4 In 1 Semi Automatic Deodorant Aerosol Machine

This machine can be filled with liquid, suitable for filling deodorant, sunscreen spray, air freshener, snow spray (Christmas), insecticide, etc.

1) All pneumatic equipment, Yade passenger cylinder
2) Functions: automatic bottle pushing, filling, bottle holding, sealing, inflation
3) There is no need for bottom valve control, and the induction bottle works.

Semi-automatic 4-in-1 Aerosol Machine



With the development of productivity, after retesting, in 2023, Aile Technology will launch a new generation of four-in-one machine. Compared with the three-in-one gas, the four-in-one bottom drive control system. Induction bottle pushing, automatic filling, valve direct loading, sealing, and energy charging greatly speed up production.
The 4 in 1 machine combines the characteristics of the 3 in 1 machine, and each working head is independently controlled. The control opening requires attention in the pre-product and precision stages, but in the process of mass production, the production speed of the four-in-one is comparable to that of a turntable automatic machine.
Faced with the current production trend of Fangfang automatic machinery, four-in-one has become a force that cannot be ignored in a stock. Quality and price are also more competitive.


Machine Features:

1) Fully automatic equipment, Yadeke pneumatic cylinder brand
2) Functions: automatic bottle pushing, filling, protection, sealing, inflation
3) No bottom control, induction bottle worker
4) Production speed: 800-1000 bottles/hour



Cosmetics: body spray, head spray, protective spray, snow spray, wrinkle makeup liquid, sunscreen spray, moisturizing spray, after-sun repair spray, bubble bath mousse, bubble bath mousse, etc. Fragrance: air freshener, deodorant
Pharmacy, perfume spray, etc.
Food: olive oil spray, peanut oil spray, sunflower oil spray, rapeseed oil spray, etc.
Automobile: copper removal aerosol, headlight repair spray paint, etc.
Household: PU foam, oil spray mist, etc.
Medicine: disinfectant, hand spray, nasal spray, etc.


Machine Details:


(Detailed drawing of the working head of the aerosol machine)


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