Semi Automatic perfume collaring machine

Semi Automatic perfume collaring machine

1.Safety instructions

Before you start the machine, please read the manual.The gas source must be turned off before installation, commissioning or maintenance of the company.Do not change any parts or make any changes at will.Do not put your hand in the mold to ensure personal safety.


2.Machine usage and main technical parameters

2.1 Purpose:

This machine is suitable for food, beverage, chemical, pesticide, cosmetics and other bottle type cap, it only needs to do a simple adjustment can be applied to a variety of different sizes and materials of bottle cap, do not need to change any need parts.


3.Main parameters:

1) Overall dimensions :500W*380L*700H(mm)

2) Weight : 13KG

3) Air source requirement:0.4 ~ 0.6MPa

4) Applicable bottle range :Bottle height 30 ~ 300mm bottle width 15 ~ 100mm

5) Standard value of gland torsion :4 ~ 8kg/cm


4.Machine adjustment and operation steps

1.Put the bottle and cap to be pressed into the working table and adjust the lifting mechanism to adjust the height to the required height.

2.When replacing different bottle caps, it is necessary to replace the mold to the cylinder fixed gong rod.

3.Put the bottle head into the mouth of the gland die, and fine-tune the lifting mechanism to the lower plane of the gland die and the position of the bottle cap to be pressed.

4.After position adjustment, lock the gong female and two elastic handles on the gland mold tightly to ensure that they are not loose. the air source, adjust the air pressure to about 0.4Kg/m2, click the foot switch once, the return cylinder will automatically return, to achieve the loose gland in place, will exit the bottle to complete a work.

6.In case of emergency such as clamping cover during operation, press the immediate stop valve and the standby state will be automatically restored.


5.Routine Maintenance

The following procedure (about 8 hours a day) is for reference only

1)All the institutions equipped with lubricating oil shall be lubricated once every three months.

2)Clean the machine regularly.

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