AILE Semi Automatic BOV Aerosol Filling Machine

Semi automatic BOV aerosol filling machine: materials and propellants are packaged separately in their respective containers, which maintains the stability of the materials and is more resistant to storage.

 Semi Automatic BOV Aerosol Filling Machine

Semi-automatic binary bag valve filling machine



This machine is suitable for the packaging of food, medicine and cosmetic liquids. It integrates compressed air (or nitrogen), sealing, and then filling. Among them, the material (in the bag valve) and the propellant (in the aerosol tank) are packaged separately in their respective containers, so that the material can be stored for a long time.

Advantages: The machine automatically senses filling and can customize the cleaning function. PLC control system, simple operation, accurate filling. The airtight seal is good, and the inflation pressure can be adjusted arbitrarily.


BOV Machine Technical parameter

1.Production: 800-1000 cans/h

2.Working pressure: 0.5-0.7 Mpa

3.Capacity: 30-300ml (can be customized)

4.Material: SUS304

5.Machine size: 1600*600*1600mm

6.Weight: 245kg

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Details of semi-automatic binary bag valve filling machine



Automatic BOV aerosol filling machine has been widely used in food, medicine, sanitation, fire protection, daily chemical industry and other industries, such as: olive oil spray, nasal cavity spray, salt water spray, disinfectant, hair protection spray, sunscreen spray, shaving foam, household fire extinguishing agent etc.


D. Why bov ?

BOV (bag-on valve) is an innovative aerosol production technology that offers significant benefits over traditional aerosols. It is an emerging technology that is rapidly replacing propellant sprays in many markets.

1. Compressed air only is used to propel and dispense the product. No harmful or flammable propellants.
2. Product is isolated in an air tight bag inside the can
3. Product is not contaminated by propellant
4. Sterilized product remain sterile.
5. Formula does not have to change to accommodate propellant
6. Can be sprayed at any angle(even upside down)
7. 100% product evacuation from can (no waste)
8. Continuous pressure and spray pattern from beginning to end


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