Semi Auto Perfume Refilling Collaring Machine Production Line

A.  Technical parameter:


Filling volume:50-1000ml

Bottle height:≤250mm

Bottle diameter:≤90mm

bottle neck diameter:≥ 5mm

Power supply&voltage:3/N AC380V/220V

Power:0.55KW 0.75KW


Stainless steel precision sheet:metal parts

High-precision filling vacuum valve

Vacuum pump

product dimension: L1000×W480×HI300mm



B.  Characteristic:

Negative pressure sucking liquid then filling, control liquid level

Equipped with wheel, convenient to move

Material contact parts are SUS316L, frame is SUS304

Suitable for glass bottles or hard plastic bottles

Easy to adjust, operate and maintain


C.  Machine detail:


1- Four heads filling nozzles                                                2- PLC touch screen control




3-Vacuum back sucking filling                                                4- Filling nozzles



Semi auto Perfume Collaring Machine



A.  Machine picture:


1- Filter for perfume collaring machine                                              2- Perfume collaring heads



B.  Picture for perfume package :

Perfume collar, sprayer in glass bottle jar(perfume bottle filling/ crimper)


C.  Recommend machine in semi auto perfume filling crimping machine :


D.  Suitable for each kinds of glass bottle:

Semi Auto Perfume Refilling Collaring Machine Production Line


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