MDI Metered-dose Inhaler Aerosol Filling Machine (Small Dose)

Produce a small dose of aerosol medicine, induction filling, no bottle no filling. The working sequence of this machine: bottle detection, filling, internal grasping and sealing, inflation, automatic bottle output.

MDI Metered-dose Inhaler Aerosol Filling Machine (Small Dose)

MDI Quantitative Inhalation Aerosol Filling Machine (Small Dose)


This metered-dose inhaler aerosol filling machine is composed of liquid filling, crimping, and micro-propellant filling equipment, and the bottle is automatically discharged. This small volume spray machine is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry to produce a small dose of aerosol medicine, which is different from the filling of ordinary aerosol cans. It is characterized by a small filling volume and high filling accuracy, so it is called small dose aerosol filling machine.

The whole machine is guided into the bottle body by the star wheel, and the bottle-entry probe senses to ensure that there is no bottle and no filling, and the valve machine on the vibrating plate automatically saves manual operation. The humanized slideway design of the bottle outlet can be directly connected to the packing basket, which is more convenient and convenient. It can be filled with nitrogen, freon, compressed air, etc.

The working sequence of small dose aerosol filling machine: bottle detection, filling, crimping, inflation, automatic bottle output.

Machine parameters

1. Filling capacity: 0-20ml; 20-50ml (can be optional)
2. Filling accuracy: ≤±1.0%
3. Applicable aerosol cans: height 30-200mm, diameter 16-60mm
4. Production capacity: 1200-1500 cans/hour (depend on filling range)
5. Propellants used: CFC, etc. (depend on customer design)
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Asthma spray, oral spray, Yunnan Baiyao spray, children’s nasal spray, sea salt spray, disinfection spray, etc.


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MDI Quantitative Inhalation Aerosol Filling Machine (Small Dose)


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