Cream Hopper Filling Machine Lotion Single Filling Head Machine

Small size

Good performance

Accuracy filling


Cream Hopper Filling Machine Lotion Single Filling Head Machine

A.  Feature:

This machine adopts PLC and human machine interface technology. Match photoelectric tracking switch imported from Korea. The machine integrates electric and pneumatic functions into one, with reasonable design, stable performance, accurate quality, glass table surface, automatic bottle feeding, and steady operation without noise, electric speed control to the filling speed and filling volume, convenient maintenance and cleaning. The new type filling equipment is the best choice for the realization of automatic production.


B.  Material Information:

80% of the main parts of our products are provided by world famous suppliers.


C.  Equipent Charcteristics:

– Fully pneumatic control

– Wide suitability

– High filling accuracy

– Labor saving

– Easy to use and maintain


D.  Machine picture:


Filling head for cream lotion                                        Hopper for loading material


Filling volume adjustment                                               Small pump for sucking material


F.  Other kinds of machine in semi auto

Liquid basic filling machine, viscosity basic filling machine, high viscosity heating filling machine


G.  Application in cosmetic 

Application product of cosmetic:
Alcohol spray, skin-care spray, pesticides, glass cleaner, disinfectant, deodorant, shampoo, shower gel, hand sanitizer gel, hair wax, hand cream, toner, lotion, eye patch gel, foundation, sunscream


H.  Production line in cosmetic

Semi auto cosmetic production line process: vacuum emulsifying mixer, storage tank, semi auto cream lotion filling machine, semi auto capping machine, semi auto labeling machine, packing table



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