Compatibility testing and inner pressure measure gauge

Used to measure the compatibility of liquids and gases in aerosol products; to measure the pressure in aerosol cans.


Compatibility testing equipment

Compatibility testing instrument


This test instrument is mainly used to measure the canning data in aerosol products and analyze the compatibility of materials and propellants. It is suitable for aerosol cans and bottles with high precision and good performance.


Internal pressure gauge

Internal pressure gauge


An instrument used to measure the pressure inside the cans of aerosol spray cans, to check whether it meets the production requirements. The value of the measurement table is for reference. The effect of the spray is presented according to the composition of the material, the ratio of liquid and gas, and the factors such as the nozzle. In the process of producing spray products, in order to meet the requirements of product pressure, the measurement of internal pressure plays an important role.


Machine details(Compatibility testing and inner pressure measure gauge)

Compatibility testing instrument and internal pressure measuring gauge

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