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Cartridge Cassette Butane Gas Refilling Machine Portable Stove Aerosol

Suitable for filling cassette furnace aerosol cans, vacuum, sealing, inflation three functions, three in one

Cartridge Cassette Butane Gas Refilling Machine Portable Stove Aerosol

  suitable for filling cassette gas aerosol can



The vacuum part is mainly composed of a vacuum head and a vacuum valve. When the foot valve is stepped on, the vacuum head will tightly press the air mist tank. At this time, the vacuum valve will act to suck out the air in the empty tank. After reaching the required vacuum value, stop the suction.The adjustment of the vacuum value is realized by resetting the delay valve.

Some special aerosol products need to vacuum process the empty aerosol cans before sealing and filling.
This vacuuming component is used for vacuuming before filling the aerosol products. After the vacuum, the aerosol valve is The effect will be tightly sucked on the mouth of the aerosol can, ready for the sealing action of the next station.



Usage: Butanes gas filling machine

Brand: Aile

Driven Type: Pneumatic

Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)

Material Stainless Steel: 304 / SUS316L

Warranty: 1 Year

Working pressure: 0.5-0.7Mpa

Applicable valve: 1″(25.4mm)

Production capacity: 700-900Cans/h

Filling capacity: 30-500ml

Max. filling range: 50ml


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