B6 Rotary Cosmetic Cream Filling And Capping Machine


B6 cosmetic emulsion filling capping machine,It is mainly applied to cosmetics water, lotion, paste and oil products. in our company has a variety of styles, the following are listed here for domestic and foreign buyers reference choice:

Simple rotating disk cosmetic filling machine

The equipment features are as follows:
1, the equipment covers a small area, simple operation, wide range of products;
2, suitable for bottle type wide: mold positioning, as long as the bottle mouth vertical upward all kinds of special-shaped bottles are suitable; Round bottles, square bottles, plastic bottles, glass bottles, ceramic bottles and so on;
3, high efficiency: fast filling speed, good stability, each filling capacity cylinder using servo motor independent control, high filling accuracy;
4, controllable force twist cover: servo motor three-claw twist cover, torque adjustable, to ensure that high-end products meet customer requirements;
5, easy to clean: hoop type connection fixed mode, cylinder and piston rod separate connection, no need to use tools can be partially disassembled cleaning, the main control screen is set with automatic cleaning button.
6, automatic feeder (not standard) : mainly to reduce the manual feeding link; Combined with the main engine control, the cover of the barrel is equipped with a liquid level detection probe, which can complete the automatic feeding function; The cylinder body of the filler is the clamping mode of the hoop, which is very convenient for disassembly and cleaning. (optional device)

relevant parameter

Capacity range: Standard capacity 25ml ~ 200ml (other capacities can be customized);

Bottle type range: high and low 50mm-200mm; Diameter 30-80mm; Bottle mouth vertical other unlimited;

Bottle positioning mode: modulation mode positioning type;

Filling speed: 40 ~ 50 bottles/min;

Capacity accuracy: plus or minus 0.5%

Rotary disc water cream filling and capping machine with outer frame

Equipment features:
Can be completed: manual bottle – automatic air cleaning – automatic filling – manual plug – automatic plug pressing – manual cap – automatic capping – automatic discharge of finished products and other operations. This equipment can be applied to the filling and capping operation of high foam water agent, emulsion, cream and other products, which can effectively improve the factory production capacity and reduce the labor intensity of workers;

equipment parameter:

Filling range 5ML-500ML (5-150ml&50-500ml two sets of different size cylinders)
Packing material requirements Diameter: ø20mm-ø70mm Height: 50mm-200mm
Filling speed 30-56 bottles/min (depending on the capacity of the operator, filling product and filling amount)
Container cleaning static electricity to eliminate air, vacuum back suction
Filling nozzle lifting Japan Panasonic servo motor control
Filling Japan Panasonic servo motor control
Pressure plug Japan SMC
Screw cap Japanese Panasonic servo motor control
Discharge Japanese Panasonic servo motor control
Hopper 45L (according to user requirements: one more hopper)
Power source 220V, 3 phase, 3KW
Air pressure source 0.5-0.8Mpa~150L/min Dry air


Filling and capping machine – including capping function

Equipment details



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