AILE cosmetic machines

Automatic single heads filling machine with material feeding system

sus 304 filling nozzle

suitable for liquid and viscosity cosmetic material

60bpm speed

 Automatic single heads filling machine with material feeding system


The filling machine adopts single head filling, stainless steel 304 plate, touch screen control electric box, can control filling time, filling method, filling pressure, control conveyor belt and other functions. The machine is equipped with a standard two-meter conveyor belt with adjustable speed, suitable for bottles of different sizes, including plastic bottles, glass bottles, high and short, in which the filling nozzle can be determined according to the height of the bottle, with strong practicability and a large range .

The equipment also comes with a 30L hopper and a liquid level device, which can automatically absorb and replenish materials, reduce labor and speed up production.

The filling capacity is 20-500ml, the speed is 40-60 bottles per minute, and the price is very favorable. If you are interested, you can come to know.


Main parameter:

filling speed: 40-60bpm

filling type: piston filling

capacity: 20-500ml (csn be customized)

applicable range: water basic liquid, detergent, cosmetic cream etc.

filling nozzle: single head

material: SUS304

conveyor belt: 2meter

filling type: fixed filling / lifting filling

adjustable: filling pressure


Machine picture:

touch screen control                                                           adjust for bottle height

sensor for bottle                                                                 filling pressure adjustment

automatic material feeding system                                            filling nozzle


Applicable product: 

Alcohol spray, skin-care spray, pesticides, glass cleaner, disinfectant, deodorant, shampoo, shower gel, hand sanitizer gel, hair wax, hand cream, toner, lotion, eye patch gel, foundation, sunscream

Discharge makeup, essential liquid, essential oil, toner, eye drops, detergent, hoursehold cleanser, toilet cleaner, washing bleach solution, pesticide, drinking water, bottle drink, beverage, alcohol etc.





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