Automatic Olive Oil Binary BOV Aerosol Filling Line

Olive oil aerosol filling equipment, olive oil and propellant are filled separately in different containers, the material is more stable.

Automatic Olive Oil Binary BOV Aerosol Filling Line

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Olive oil aerosol filling equipment is suitable for the packaging of food, medicine and cosmetic liquids. It integrates compressed air (or nitrogen), sealing, and then filling. Among them, the material (in the bag valve) and the propellant (in the aerosol tank) are packaged separately in their respective containers, so that the material can be stored for a long time.

Composition: The machine consists of bottle unscrambling workbench, binary packaging sealing inflator binary packaging liquid filling machine, weighing machine, water bath leak detection machine, nozzle buckle machine, outer cap loading machine, online coding, conveyor belt, PLC control program composition.

Advantages: This machine is suitable for large-scale production enterprises, with high degree of automation, high output and fast speed. PLC control system, simple operation, accurate filling. The seal has good airtightness and the inflation pressure can be adjusted arbitrarily.


BOV Machine Technical parameter

1.Sealing diameter(mm): φ26.5-φ27.5
2.Sealing depth(mm): 5.0-6.0
3.Applicable value: 1″(25.4mm)
4.Applicable aerosol can height: 80-250mm
5.Diameter: 35-70mm
6.Liquid repeat filling accuracy: ≤±1.0%
7.Propellant repeat filling accuracy: ≤±1%
8.Working pressure (MPa): 0.5-0.7Mpa
9.Maximum air consumption: 1.2m³/min
10.Production capacity: 1500-1800Cans/h

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Olive oil binary automatic aerosol line



Automatic BOV aerosol filling line has been widely used in food, medicine, sanitation, fire protection, daily chemical industry and other industries, such as: olive oil spray, nasal cavity spray, salt water spray, disinfectant, hair protection spray, sunscreen spray, shaving foam, household fire extinguishing agent etc.

Olive Oil Aerosol Filling Equipments (click)

1. Automatic Aerosol Bottle Feeding Table
2. Automatic Aerosol BOV Filling and Sealing Machine
3. Automatic aerosol weighing machine
4. Automatic aerosol water inspection machine
5. Automatic aerosol nozzle machine
4. Automatic aerosol capping machine
5. Automatic Aerosol Inkjet Printer
6. Aerosol sleeve labeling machine
7. Aerosol packaging table

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