AILE cosmetic machines

Automatic linear cream lotion filling capping all in one machine

Incluing air cleaning, filling, capping, pick up function

All in one machine

Double heads working

High produtivity

Automatic linear cream lotion filling capping all in one machine


A.  Feature:

1.Integrate with air cleaning, filling, inserting, capping and outlet function, suits for fill the water injection, lotion and cream products.

2.This machine adopts the air cleaning, filling, capping and outlet.

3.Adopts the static compressed air, vacuum suck which ensure that no dust and impurities
inside the container.

4.The filling part adopts the servo filling and the rotary valve filling, with high filling accuracy,the submersible filling is optical, when filling the foaming products there will be no bubble, andwhen filling the water injection products it can self-suck.

5.The material hopper is with the material level detection system, with convenient maintenance andcleaning and easy to adjust the filling volume, switching components generally only takes 20 minutes

6.The mold is adjustable when change the filling products there is no need to change the molds.

7.Adopts the mechanical capping, suits for any kind of screw caps, the screw torque can be adjusted, the capping parts adopts the soft silicon material to avoid the scratch the covers when capping.

8.With wheels can move easily.

9.The whole machine adopts the Sanitary SS.


B.  Parameter:

Power: 220V – AC 2Kw
Air source: 4-6kgf/cm2
Filling accuracy: ±0.5%
Filling volume: 15-250ml(can be customized)
Capping diameter: 15-40mm
Capacity: 60-70 bottles/min


C.  Machine detail picture:

 4 heads air blowing  + 4 heads filling                            4 heads inner plug pressing


4 heads screw capping                                                4 heads automatic output


Material hopper                                      Rotary type conveyor belt + adjustable mould


D.  Application in cosmetic product: 


E.  Related machine in filling function:  

Filling machine, piston filling machine, heaing mixing filling machine, screw capping machine, labeling machine, packing table etc.


F.  Machine packing and delivery:  

All machines will be packed with protective film, fixed feet, and wooden boxes, which are suitable for long-term transportation by sea. All wooden boxes will be sprayed with logos and import and export signs.


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