Automatic glass bottle jar water rinser drying machine

It can be use to clean the inside of bottles in cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food and other industries. Wide application range, no need to change molds.


Automatic glass bottle jar washing rinser drying machine all in one




Suitable for all kinds of bottle like glass bottoe, hard plastic bottle or jar

   Hot air drying before output                               48 working station for bottle/jar


        PLC control                                                        Washing directly from inside & outside




This machine is a two-end intermittent operation washing, drying and cooling integrated machine, one end of the bottle enters the other end of the bottle, compact structure, using PLC programmable control technology, combined with touch screen operation interface, easy to operate, high degree of automation.


The main transmission adopts air cylinder transmission, with stable start and stop, intermittent operation, low wear of transmission parts and long service life.


Reasonable process, water recycling, rinse once outside the bottle, rinse twice with circulating water inside the bottle, and finally rinse once with pure water, with less water, high washing rate, and very few broken bottles.


Using linear bottle washing, the total flushing time is more than 30 seconds, and there is no water splash outside the body, which can maintain a good working environment.


After washing the bottle, there is a drying time of 3-5 minutes. The hot air of 120-150℃ is blown into the bottle, which can meet the requirements of fast drying, and the temperature of the hot air is adjustable.


The hot air system is composed of stainless steel heating wire and stainless steel fan.

After drying, use cold air passing through the air filter to cool it.

It can be used for washing and drying a variety of special-shaped bottles, and manually upper and lower bottles.




1. Rated production capacity:3000 bottles/hour
2. Bottle spacing:85 mm
3. Number of flushing heads: 12 heads
4. Chain pitch:50.8 mm
5. Bottle box spacing:101.6mm
6. Operating cycle period (3000 bottles/hour):14.4 seconds
7. Circulating water flushing time is adjustable from:10-20 seconds
8. Water rinse time is adjustable from:5-10 seconds
9. Water consumption:1.5-3m³/h adjustable
10. The total power distribution of the bottle washing dryer : 35KW
11. Overall dimensions of the bottle washer (length×width×height) length×width×height:5×1.5×1.5 m
12. Power supply:220/380V, 50Hz
13. Air source pressure:0.6MPa



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