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Automatic Eye Patches Mask Filling Forming Machine


A.  Features:

1. Applicable to crystal maskskin care products.

2. The crystal film adopts the position display to adjust the thickness of the film, and the film thickness is uniform.

3. The forming die is made of stainless steel to avoid secondary pollution when the crystal film is formed.

4. The whole machine operating system touch screen man-machine interface control, including thickness control, speed conversion

5. The appearance of the whole machine is combined with aluminum profile and 304 stainless steel wire drawing board, with hanging touch screen, high-grade atmosphere.

6. The machine consists of two parts: automatic film forming machine and film cutting machine. The single operation can complete the automatic forming of 12 boxes of products into the box; the film forming machine is fed simultaneously from the upper and lower layers, and the film is formed quickly after cooling by the cooling fan. , through the function of the exit,automatically multi-layer material, automatic cutting, automatically sent to the die cutter mold, cut and loaded into the eye capsule box.


B.  Parameter:

Production capacity:600 b/h

The number of diaphragm processing: 40-60 tables/b

Gas consumption: 20L/m

Power: 6.5KW

Gas source : 20L/m

Hopper :40L (can be customized)

Voltage: 220V

Weight: 1200 KG

Gas source: 6-8kgf/cm2


C.  Machine picture


D.  Application of eye patch product



E.  Machine packing and delivery

All machines will be packed with protective film, fixed feet, and wooden boxes, which are suitable for long-term transportation by sea. All wooden boxes will be sprayed with logos and import and export signs.




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