Automatic electromagnetic induction aluminum foil sealing machine

Automatic aluminum foil sealing machine


Electromagnetic induction aluminum foil sealing machine is based on electromagnetic induction heating technology, the use of eddy current thermal effect made of aluminum foil sealing machine, the machine will be practical function, good performance and simple operation into one. Can be widely used in pharmaceutical, food, oil, daily chemical, home chemical, agrochemical and other types of users for bottle sealing, such as plastic bottles (PP, PVC, PET, ABS, HDPE, PS, DURACON) glass bottles and various composite plastic hoses and a variety of non-contact heating sealing, is currently internationally recognized sealing means of advanced sealing equipment.
The equipment mainly adopts the principle of electromagnetic induction, the use of the host to transport UHF current to the induction head, the alternating current through the coil to generate high-frequency alternating magnetic field, in the induction head under the aluminum foil to sense the magnetic field, resulting in eddy current, and then through specific control, until it reaches high temperature, so that the composite film on the aluminum foil melts and quickly bonded with the bottle mouth. To achieve high efficiency and high quality sealing purpose; Extend the shelf life of products, play an important role in imitation theft, imitation and improve product grade.


1, digital display working voltage, current, intuitive and clear;
2, over and over voltage, automatic protection, safe and reliable;
3, integration, wind cooling, sealing power, good quality, stable performance;
4. Supporting production with automatic assembly line, or working independently;
5, all stainless steel shell, beautiful and generous.

Technical parameters

Frontal voltage:AC220V 50/60Hz;

Maximum work rate:4500W;

Sealing diameter:Φ15-60mm /Φ50-121mm;

Sealing speed:0-280 b/min;

Main engine size:500×360×1100mm;


Packing Size:1400×470×1300 mm

Equipment details


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