Automatic Body Spray Shaving Spray Aerosol Sealing Filling Line

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Automatic aerosol can spray filling sealing machine line for sale


A. Introduction

The production line has the characteristics of high effificiency and high precision, which can fifill the international one-inch aerosol valve specifification of tin, aluminum, iron aerosol cans. It is suitable for medium viscosity solution such as spray liquid, oil and emulsion solvent and suitable for LPG, F12, DME, N2 and other projectiles. It can also be used in food, chemical, daily chemical, medicine and other industries.



1. No can no liquid filling.

2. Placing valve automatically and no valve machine stop.

3. Crimping head lock automatically and crimping size stabilizing

4. no can no Propellant Charging.

5. The wearing parts of measuring cylinder can be used for any propellant,etc. When this machine is used to set up a production line, it can be equipped with automatic weight checker, automatic actuator placer, automatic cap presser, automatic spray code machine,etc.


C.Technical parameter

Liquid filling capacity:50-750ml

Liquid filling accuracy:≤±1%

Propellant filling capacity:50-750m

Propellant filling accuracy:≤±1%

Capping accuracy:≤1%

Applicable can diameter:52-65mm

Applicable can height:80-315mm

Working pressure:0.65-1Mpa

Max air consumption:5M3/min

Production capacity:40-60 bottle/min


D. Application product on aerosol: 

Deodorant, body spray, hair spray, PU foam, MDI, disinfectant, spray paint, perfume spray, nasal spray, rust remover aerosol, hair protection spray aerosol, hand sanitizer spray aerosol, headlight repair spray paint, snowflake spray, ribbon spray, wrinkle remover , olive oil spray, sunscreen spray, moisturizing spray, air freshener, after-sun repair spray, foam shower gel mousse, tanning spray etc.


F. Machine production line process:


G. Customer feedback

The customer purchased the “aerosol filling production line” in 2019, which is still in production in 2022, without any damage. Get customer praise and bring more orders to customers. —————————– The picture is from the customer’s factory in Egypt


H. Machine packing and delivery

Thank you for customer chooing our aile company as one of your partner, we believe that bov aerosol machine is bring a lots of order for you, and operation durable ,  hope we can cooperate soon.


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