Automatic snow spray sunscreen spray aerosol filling line

Production line can be customized for meeting your factory deign

U shaped or L shaped / Linear or straight line

Refill LPG, DME, Butanes, Propane gas etc.

Automatic aerosol can filling machine spray can machine


A.  Introduction:

consist of cans arranging machine, rotary liquid filling machine, valve inserting machine, rotary sealing and gas filling , automatic weight checker, water bath, nozzle presser, cap presser, ink jet printer, packing table, etc. Propellants could be LPG, DME, CO2, N2, compressed air, etc, widely applied in spray paint, air freshener, insecticide, body spray, cosmetics, food aerosols.


B.  Basic structure:

No.1 Aerosol tank push table

No.2 Double heads automatic sealing gas filling machine

No.3 Automatic weighing machine

No.4 Automatic hanging type water bath leak detector

No.5 Automatic coding belt

No.6 Automatic pressure nozzle machine

No.7 Automatic pressure capping machine

No.8 Packaging workbench


C.  Techniacl parameter:

Applicable valve:1″

Applicable aerosol can:φ38-φ65mm 70-300mm

Inflating accuracy:≤±0.03Mpa

Sealing accuracy:≤3%

Filling accuracy:≤±1%

Production capacity:22-30Cans/min

Filling capacity:30-900ml

Working pressure:0.6-0.8Mpa

Maximum air consumption:4-5m3/min

A.  Functions:

1.The machine has the characteristics of high efficiency, high precision, high performance and high degree of automation.

2. The operation process is that Manual putting cans, automatic conveyor cans input, automatic sealing, automatic filling, automatic output cans.

3. The machine has the function of inflating-sealing-filling-weighing-coding-capping-packaging.

4. Precise filling, fast filling, convenient operation. It is suitable for the pharmaceutical, health, fire, daily chemical and other industries.

5. Our machines can be used on skin care products, air freshener, insecticide,hair spray, shaving cream, PU foam, spray paint, perfume, MDI etc.


B. Machine display

aerosol can push table                                      valve insert machine

liquid filling machine                                      crimping & gas filling machine

water bath testing machine                         weighing machine

actuator pressing machine                             outer cap pressing machine


inkjet printer machine                                                packing table



C.  Aerosol spray production process




D.  Application product of aerosol:

Deodorant, body spray, hair spray, PU foam, MDI, disinfectant, spray paint, perfume spray, nasal spray, rust remover aerosol, hair protection spray aerosol, hand sanitizer spray aerosol, headlight repair spray paint, snowflake spray, ribbon spray, wrinkle remover , olive oil spray, sunscreen spray, moisturizing spray, air freshener, after-sun repair spray, foam shower gel mousse, tanning spray etc.


E.  Packing and delivery:

We will pack machine into wooden case and pack with film for protecting of machine, to help suitable for long time shipping on sea. all printing AILE logo and standard singal for import and export.


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