Aerosol Liquefied Gas Deodorization Filter Tower

Use activated carbon, molecular sieve, silica gel and other adsorption properties to remove the taste in liquefied petroleum gas. Applied to aerosol propellants: deodorization of propane, butane, dimethyl ether and other gases.


Aerosol Liquefied Gas Deodorization Filter Tower

Aerosol deodorization tower


In process of aerosol products, when inflating, especially the propellant (liquefied petroleum gas) of products such as air fresheners, sunscreen sprays, and hairspray sprays for odor filtration.
In general, liquefied petroleum gas is widely used as propellant gas in aerosol production. For safety reasons, ethanethiol has a strong odor added to civil liquefied gas. This strong stench must be removed before filling gas into the aerosol can.
[(propane butane (LPG), dimethyl ether (DME)]This liquefied petroleum gas deodorization equipment: uses activated carbon, molecular sieve, silica gel and other adsorption properties to remove the smell of liquefied petroleum gas. To reaching the standard of aerosol product production.



① There are three filter towers, loading with materials of different processing capacities according to the actual situation;
②Added a filter tower according to actual requirements to achieve multiple filtrations and achieve the expected processing effect;
③Installing a pressure gauge to display the real-time gas pressure in the tower;
④ Connecting the safety valve to the top of each tower, and it will be released automatically when the gas pressure reaches the limit;
⑤The design of the upper and lower flanges facilitates the loading and unloading of materials.



1) The machine can use activated carbon, silica gel and RK-36 molecular sieve strip (special for aerosol removal of mercaptans) to remove moisture and impurities. Reducing the sulfur content of liquefied petroleum gas, and increase the butane and propane in liquefied petroleum gas.

2) Our LPG deodorization system consists of 3-6 sets of filter towers and 2 sets of booster pumps. The towers and pumps install in series on the workbench, which makes feeding and pouring materials more convenient. The whole system is easy to move and disassemble.

3) Equiping each tower with a visual observation mirror. Workers can monitor the status of materials in the tower and know the material exchange time. The diameter and height of the tower are designed under very scientific calculations, each gas inlet and outlet are equipped with resin distributors and filters. No material leakage, liquid gas flows up and down evenly in the tower, so that the gas and materials have a good relationship full exposure.


Number of towers: 3-6pcs column
Height: 2100mm
Diameter: Φ400mm mm
Capacity: 1.2-1.5 cubic meters per hour
Material: stainless steel or carbon steel

Machine details

Aerosol liquefied gas deodorization filter tower

Aerosol liquefied gas deodorization filter tower


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