Aerosol checking weight machine for filling aerosol cans

it is neccessary machine in aerosol filling machine line . being a qualify feature.
To check weight of aerosol can with gas and liquid.

Aerosol checking weight machine for filling aerosol cans



*The automatic aerosol spray product weighting machine adopted advanced weighing sensor, PLC controlling system and low-voltage apparatus;
*The whole machine is fully explosion-proof, and with the function such as adjustable stepless motor, human-computer dialogue interface, related fault and waiting for feeding indicator,
*It could detect the weight of each finished can, and reject the unqualified can automatically. It has advantage of easy operation, fast speed, high accuracy and good stability.



Weighing precision: ≤±1g
Weighing range: 0-1500g
Production Capability: 50-60cans/min
Working air Pressure: 0.5MPa
Power: 0.3kw


Machine detail:(click)

Alarm lamp & kick off system                                             Star wheels

Explosion-proof touch screen                                               Mould for aerosol can


Aerosol filling capping production line 

  • Can trimming table
  • valve feeding machine
  • aerosol liquid filling machine
  • aerosol crimping and gas filling machine
  • water bath testing machine
  • aerosol dryer
  • weight checking machine
  • actuator pressing machine
  • outer cap pressing machine
  • inkjet printer machine
  • packing table with motor
Application product of aerosol:
Deodorant, body spray, hair spray, PU foam, MDI, disinfectant, spray paint, perfume spray, nasal spray, rust remover aerosol, hair protection spray aerosol, hand sanitizer spray aerosol, headlight repair spray paint, snowflake spray, ribbon spray, wrinkle remover , olive oil spray, sunscreen spray, moisturizing spray, air freshener, after-sun repair spray, foam shower gel mousse, tanning spray etc.

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