3 in 1 aerosol can filling sealing machine

Including liquid filling, crimping and gas filling function

With booster pump and button panel

Small size and stable

Suitable for all kinds of aerosol products

3 in 1 aerosol can filling sealing machine


This machine can be filled with liquid gas, suitable for filling deodorant, sunscreen spray, air freshener, snow spray (Christmas), insecticide, etc.

1. The filling sequence is filling, sealing and inflating.
2. Semi-automatic filling liquid and gas machine, artificial foot valve control filling.
3. Pneumatic principle filling, no electricity operation, not affected by external conditions.
4. It can fill, seal and inflate at the same time, or only operate one working head.


Machine detail picture

3 in 1 aerosol machine size

3 in 1 Aerosol Machine Details

Technical parameters

1.Sealing diameter(mm) :φ26.5-φ27.5

2.Sealing depth(mm) :5.0-6.0

3.Applicable value: 1″

4.Applicable aerosol can Height(mm): 80-315mm

5.Diameter(mm) :30-70mm

6.Maximum liquid filling capacity: 450ml

7.Liquid repeat filling accuracy :≤±1.0%

8.Maximum amount of propellant :450ml

9.Propellant repeat filling accuracy :≤±1.0%

10.Working pressure (MPa): 060-0.80MPa

11.Maximum air consumption :0.6m3/min

12.Production capacity 800-1000cans/h

13.Dimensions(mm) :1000×600×1600

14.Weight(kg): 216kg

 Product application scope

Deodorant, body spray, hair spray, PU foam, MDI, disinfectant, spray paint, perfume spray, nasal spray, rust remover aerosol, hair protection spray aerosol, hand sanitizer spray aerosol, headlight repair spray paint, snowflake spray, ribbon spray, wrinkle remover , olive oil spray, sunscreen spray, moisturizing spray, air freshener, after-sun repair spray, foam shower gel mousse, tanning spray etc.















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