Latest Aerosol Filling Machinery

Aile has a series of different aerosol filling machines, each with unique functions and applications.


The following are some of our company’s aerosol machines.

  1. 3 in 1 aerosol filling machine

It’s a small machine that performs three functions in the making of aerosol products. The machine has a liquid filling head, gas filling head, and valve crimping head. The bottles are manually arranged in the aisle, then the liquid is filled in the bottles followed by manually putting the valve which then goes through valve crimping and lastly followed by a gas filling process. This machine is used in chemical, medicine, health industries for making all types of aerosol products.

  1. Fully Automatic Aerosol Production Line

This production line has fully automated production equipment. The production line includes bottle arranging machines, automatic valve insertion machines, gas filling, weight checking, etc. The machine set-up can be customized in U shape, L shape, or straight-line designs according to the customer requirement.

  1. Automatic Aerosol production line

This production line is known for its high-efficiency rate and precision. The production line fulfills the requirements of the global 1-inch aerosol valve description of cans.

  1. BoV aerosol filling and packaging Line

Bag of Valve (BoV) is a new packaging technology that makes sure the purity of the product is not compromised. BoV is preferable as no harmful propellants are being used in the process. The product remains sterilized in the air-tight bag which is inside the can.




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