How to fill physiological sea salt spray?

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1. What is physiological sea salt water spray? How to choose physiological sea water nasal spray?

1)Rhinitis is a common disease in otolaryngology, characterized by nasal congestion and runny nose, and is divided into allergic rhinitis, non-infectious non-allergic rhinitis, and infectious rhinitis. Allergic rhinitis is a non-infectious chronic inflammatory disease of the nasal mucosa mediated mainly by IgE after the body is exposed to allergens. It is further divided into seasonal allergic rhinitis and perennial allergic rhinitis. The most common clinical manifestations of various types of rhinitis are nasal congestion and runny nose. Some patients may have nasal itching, accompanied by paroxysmal sneezing, etc. Local nasal medication is the main means of treating acute and chronic rhinitis. Physiological sea saline nasal spray is a spray that uses a pump head to break the saline into fine atomized particles and sprays it into the nasal cavity, which can diffuse the saline into the deep nasal cavity. It is easy to carry, does not need to be cleaned, and is not easily contaminated.

2)Concentration types of nasal spray:

① Isotonic 0.9%: Suitable for runny nose due to cold, cleaning nasal cavity, etc.

② Hypertonic 2.3%: Suitable for users with pathological inflammation, with a slight dehydration effect. It is more conducive to the movement of nasal cilia, relieves nasal congestion, reduces edema of nasal mucosa and other symptoms. Hypertonic is recommended for patients with rhinitis.

2. What is the filling process of physiological seawater nasal spray?

The binary aerosol filling machine is to fill the tank with compressed air or nitrogen, seal the valve with the bag, and fill the raw materials in the bag in the tank, so that the raw materials are completely isolated from the tank body. The propellant is replaced by compressed air (purified) instead of propane and butane liquefied gas, dimethyl ether, etc., thus solving the problem of leakage caused by raw materials corroding the tank body. When in use, open the valve, the compressed air in the tank presses the bag to press the raw materials out of the tank. When the raw materials are completely pressed out, the compressed air in the tank remains in the tank, so it can be repeatedly filled. This machine is mainly used for laboratory research and development and small-scale production of products. It can be widely used in cosmetics, medicine, food, personal care, home care, fire protection and other industries. The equipment adopts a 100% pneumatic control system, which is very easy to operate and maintain. Medical sprays such as physiological sea saline nasal spray are filled by binary aerosol filling machines..

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