Automatic Sleeve Labeling Machine-Advantage &Industry Application

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About automatic sleeve labeling machine

 The automatic sleeve labeling machine is just a label on the bottle, using PVC, PET and OPS film around the entire periphery of the product, seamlessly fit the product. The automatic sleeve labeling machine is suitable for a variety of shapes, sizes and designs.

the different standard set types

1) Full-body sleeve label: common in drinks and food, full-body sleeve covers the whole product, providing excellent marketing and shelf attraction.

2) Collar and anti-disassembly covers: usually appear on supplements, cleaning products and drinks.

3) Combination and multi-package packaging: common in cleaning products and beverages, multi-package packaging packaging is used to combine multiple products in a separate packaging and bar code.

4) Standard sleeve label: also known as partial sleeves, which cover most of the products, but without any tamper-proof seals. A good example is the beverage.

Working principle of sleeve label machine

1) Put the shrink package film into the machine to wrap it around the bottle.

2) Feed the aerosol canister into the machine,and the shrink sleeve loosely “falls” on the area or cap that requires bottle packaging

3) The contraction channel use aerosol can, in which heating or steam elements are applied to shrink the sleeve or film to seamlessly fit the product.

Before or after filling this process can also do, while the casing itself can be made from a range of durable materials, such as PVC, PET and OPS, depending on the product and mechanical capacity.


1) Extensive: a variety of containers and products can use in the casing process

2) Perfect fit: Use a sleeve packaging machine, 360° fit products and protect the product .

3) Efficient: Automation instead of labor, Greatly speed up production.

Application industry:

1) Aerosol industry.such as insecticides, air fresheners, paint sprays, toner, cream products.

2) Food industry:such as olive oil, juice, tea, beverages, purified water, condiments.

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