Application of pump aerosol valve in aerosol industry

In order to better understand pump aerosol valves, first you need to understand aerosols and sprays.

So do you know what aerosols and sprays are?

Users can reasonably choose whether the product is in the form of aerosol or spray in combination with the actual product effect, the nature of the material and the needs of the user.

Next, what is a pump aerosol valve?

In simple terms, the pump aerosol valve is an aerosol valve with a spring. It is widely used in the aerosol industry.

So what are the types of valves on the market?

There are three kinds of Regular valves, bag on valves and pump aerosol valves on the market.

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Application -pump aerosol valve aerosol production

1)Cosmetics: personal care products, hair spray, brightening water spray, etc.

2)Fragrance: Household Aerosol, Mosquito Repellent Spray, Deodorant Sweat, Perfume Spray, Air Freshener, etc.

3)Medicine: disinfectant, hand sanitizer spray, children’s nasal spray, etc.

4)Car care products: aerosol paint, etc.

Matching Aerosol Machine(Pump aerosol valve)

Semi-auto filling machine + sealing machine

Automatic turntable aerosol machine (without inflation)

Automatic aerosol line


Matching Aerosol Machine(Regular valve )

Three semi-auto aerosol machines,

turntable aerosol machine,

automatic aerosol line

Matching Aerosol Machine(Bag valve)

Semi-auto BOV aerosol machine,

automatic 2-head BOV aerosol machine,

automatic 3-head BOV aerosol machine

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