Aerosol Cans Sealing Test Method and Equipment

1. Why do us need to test aerosol cans sealing?

In the market, you can buy a variety of aerosol sprays, which improve people’s quality of life and facilitate people’s use, such as: cream spray, olive oil spray, snow spray, paint spray, deodorant , Gas insecticides, air fresheners, fragrances of various flavors and spare gas for lighters, etc. These aerosol sprays are generally filled in tanks of various sizes. In order to make various sprays spray out from the tank, the gas pressure in the tank is greater than a standard atmospheric pressure, but the high-pressure gas has an impact on the pressure resistance and pressure of the tank. There are high requirements for airtightness, so for the safety of people, all kinds of sprays must be tested for airtightness of the tank before being put on the market.

2.What is the sealing of aerosol cans?

The degree of airtightness refers to the reliability of the packaging seal. Through this test, the integrity of the entire product packaging seal can be ensured, and problems such as leakage, pollution, and deterioration caused by poor sealing performance of the product can be prevented. For this reason, it is necessary to conduct (leakage) sealing performance tests on aerosol cans in industries such as food, medicine, medical equipment, daily chemicals, automobiles, electronic components, stationery, pesticides, and veterinary drugs.

Aerosol can detection range:

Aerosol cans, aluminum aerosol cans, spray paint aerosol cans, tinplate aerosol cans, gas aerosol cans, compressed aerosol cans, etc.

3. How to test the sealing of aerosol cans?

1) Fully automatic Water Bath Leakage Testing Machine with blower (click)


1. Through the guide chain, enter the water bath test tank smoothly. After “walking” for 3-5 minutes, look out the window of the shield of the water bath test tank to observe the leakage of the “walking” aerosol can. If there is any leakage, protect it from the water bath test tank Take it out through the cover window;

2. After entering the main machine, the aerosol can is dropped by the can pressing wheel, and then the aerosol can is output by the small star wheel;

3. After the aerosol can is tested in the water bath, the aerosol can is blown through the blower tunnel, and two sets of air knives are symmetrically installed on the blowing nozzle to remove the aerosol.


Automatic aerosol water inspection machine

2) Semi-automatic Water Bath Leakage Testing Machine


 Manually put the filled aerosol can into the constant temperature water tank and soak for 3-5 minutes. For example, a cassette furnace aerosol can (propane butane gas), if it leaks, you will see small bubbles overflowing from the mouth of the bottle and manually remove it.


3) Instrument—Aerosol can sealing-depth and diameter measuring table (click)

Function introduction: This instrument is used to measure the diameter and depth of the seal in the process of aerosol generation, which plays an important role in improving the sealing quality of the seal. By measuring the size (diameter and depth) of the sealed aerosol can, judge whether it is well sealed. Commonly used to prevent leakage detection of aerosol cans.


Aerosol can closures - measuring Gauge for depth and diameter

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2. Aerosol can testing items:

Sealing test, pressure test, safety test, material test, corrosion resistance test, aging test, outer coating hardness, sag analysis, volume test, pressure test, corrosion resistance test, deformation pressure test, burst pressure test, tensile test Pressure detection, atomization rate detection, leakage detection, etc.



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