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1. Introduction of 4-in-1 aerosol filling machine

The 4-in-1 semi-automatic aerosol filling machine is improved, optimized and integrated from the semi-automatic aerosol filling machine. The semi-automatic filling machine, semi-automatic sealing machine and semi-automatic inflator, which were originally separated, are installed on a workbench. The filling head, sealing head and inflator are installed on a bracket in a straight line. The classic positioning method of the aerosol filling station of the original model has been changed. During filling, the aerosol can is pushed in from the left along the filling guide plate, and the right baffle is limited. After filling, the rightmost aerosol can is taken out from the front. Push the bottle once. The filling, sealing and inflating actions can be performed at the same time. Thus, only one person can operate the entire set of semi-automatic aerosol filling machines. In addition, any single action can be performed by switching the switch knob on the operation panel.

The filling machine uses a standard cylinder as a drive. It has higher stability. The action is smoother. The performance is more reliable. The inflator head also uses a standard short cylinder as an actuator. The structure is more refined and the appearance is more beautiful. The maximum liquid filling volume and the maximum inflation volume are both maintained at 450ml.

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